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The Life Insurance Blog – sometimes light-hearted… sometimes serious… always life insurance.

Who are we?

Ed Saul and Steve de Jong are Partners of NZ-based life insurance company, Pinnacle Life.

Ed’s background includes engineering, IT, finance and management consulting along with 20 years as a senior executive and chief information officer within the NZ and Australian life insurance industries. Ed is the architect of the online life insurance venture launched by Pinnacle Life.

Steve, a former lecturer in Economics, has spearheaded a number of successful ventures including launching New Zealand’s first online educational program for students. Steve has operated in the life insurance industry for 5 years and is the co-architect of Pinnacle Life’s online insurance venture.

Ed and Steve can be contacted at Pinnacle Life on +64 9 522 5515 during normal office hours or email us…

Ed at ed@pinnaclelife.co.nz or Steve at steve@pinnaclelife.co.nz.

Why the blog?

Whilst life insurance is a serious business and something we all need at some point in our lives, it is essentially a simple commodity.  The Life Insurance Blog aims to show consumers this is so.

  • The blog has been created to demystify life insurance for consumers by providing insight and advice as well as generating debate and conversation about all things to do with life insurance.  In short, it’s a life insurance forum.
  • The blog is also intended to broadcast the latest news on Pinnacle Life, keeping you up-to-date with ongoing developments.

Pinnacle Life

Pinnacle Life is the first life insurer to offer immediate cover online, direct to the NZ consumer. It is also the first life insurer to sell life insurance internationally. New Zealanders living in any one of Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong or Singapore can now buy life insurance online from insurer Pinnacle Life.

The technology behind Pinnacle Life

The technology that powers the Pinnacle Life insurance website is provided by Intelligent Life.

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