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A life insurance commercial to end the year…

Posted by Ed


Check out this really cool life insurance commercial

(Who ever said life insurance was boring…??)

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Longevity and the festive season…

Posted by Ed

On the subject of longevity, thought it appropriate for the festive season to post some tips on how to combine living longer with having fun… borrowed from website

1. Be Positive  Don’t fret about getting old. Have a positive attitude about aging and thios can add more than seven years to your life.


2. Smile  Smiling can change your attitude. It’s a great way to connect with people, change your outlook and counteract the effects of stress.


3. Drink Red Wine  Packed with antioxidants which protect your body against aging, but only if you stop at 2 glasses a day.


4. Solve Puzzles and Play Brain Games  Mind games are a great way to stay engaged, exercise your mind and entice your curiosity.


5. Eat Dark Chocolate  Like red wine, chocolate contains antioxidants. Choose quality dark chocolate and don’t binge… have a bit of it each day.


6. Have More Sex  What do you want me to say?


7. Make Exercise Play  What do you want me to say?


8. Sleep  Essential. Most people don’t get enough. Get 7 to 9 hours a night.


9. Spend Time With Loved Ones  Being connected means protection from loneliness, depression, and mental illness.


10. Relax Practice daily relaxation techniques and train yourself to turn off your stress. Replace it with calm energy.


I just checked these 10 tips with my partner and she told me I absolutely don’t get it. 

“Boring BS” to be precise… who cares about living longer???  It’s not about how long you live (unless you’re in the business of life insurance)… it’s about how much fun you can pack into the few years you have.”  “Just be present to each and every moment and laugh as much as you can”.

So there you have it…  clearly I shouldn’t have gone anywhere near this topic. 

Steve and I wish our readers a wonderful festive season.  Stay safe.  

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Right-handed people live 10 years longer…

Posted by Ed


Don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger here!


I’m only reporting what Canadian psychologist Stanley Coren had to say in his 1992 book – The Left-Handed Syndrome. He reported that left-handers, on average, lived about 10 years less than right-handers do. That’s what his data showed, but clearly no answers regarding why this would be so.


Now that’s a pretty serious statistic. If I was a ‘leftie’ I’d be dashing off to buy a life insurance policy. In fact, I’d buy it right now, online, so as not to lose a moment of my precious, remaining time.


So why don’t lefties rush off to buy life insurance?  They would be getting a bargain price relative to ‘righties’ and clearly they have the greater need.


And why too don’t life insurance companies have different premium rates for lefties?


Answer:  Because (by all accounts) Stanley Coren’s data was bulls#1t.


In 1993 scientists at the National Institutes of Health and Harvard University co-authored a study that showed no statistical difference in longevity between lefties and righties and that Coren’s study had been flawed.  


So don’t hold your breath waiting for a question on the old life insurance application asking which hand you use to sign your life away (so to speak)?


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PINNACLE LIFE launches ‘instant’ Serious Illness Cover

Posted by Steven

PINNACLE LIFE today claimed another world first… Serious Illness Cover… now available as a fully underwritten product instantly online.    

Serious Illness Cover is a straightforward insurance policy that pays a cash lump sum if the insured person suffers a defined serious illness condition.   

The four serious illness conditions covered under PINNACLE LIFE’s new product are heart attack, cancer, stroke and heart bypass surgery. Cover up to $250,000 can be purchased immediately online, without a medical.     

The policy is applied for and issued online in the same way that existing Life, Mortgage and Funeral products are offered on the PINNACLE LIFE website. The buying process from application to policy issue is fully automated using advanced electronic underwriting software developed by Intelligent Life Limited.  The rules-based underwriting is fully supported by reinsurance giant Hannover Life Re of Australasia.    

The entire application process takes less than 10 minutes after which consumers can see a draft version of their personalised policy document before committing themselves.  On payment, consumers are emailed their policy document instantly.      

Whilst Serious Illness cover is designed essentially for the under-45 consumer, it is available online to anyone aged 20 to 59.    

Buying a Serious Illness policy is now as straightforward as buying an airline ticket… maybe even easier!   

Today’s ‘instant serious illness cover’ follows the launch of instant Life Cover, instant Mortgage Cover and instant Funeral Cover by PINNACLE LIFE over the past 18 months.    

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Tyres? Check… Life Insurance? Check…

Posted by Ed

It’s not every tyre company that sells life insurance, is it? 

“With tyres being a huge safety component of the vehicle, I thought it would be a nice fit”, says Steve. “Besides, those old, worn-out life insurance companies badly need a retread and I’m the man for the job”.  

These are the words of Steve Lange, senior executive of Tony’s Tyre Service, the tyre company that recently launched Tony’s Tyres for Life, a brand of life insurance offered direct to consumers on-line.   

Clearly it takes true entrepreneurship to pull something like this off.  Congrats to Steve Lange and his team for getting this online life insurance venture off the ground. Gotta be good for consumers, especially the ones that drive carsJ 

The online insurance products offered to customers of Tony’s Tyres are insured by Pinnacle Life, the pioneer of online life insurance in New Zealand.    

The story broke in the mainstream media last week. Read the story here in the Dominion Post and here in the National Business Review. 

(Update:   Effective 1 December 2009, Pinnacle Life is no longer associated with Tony’s Tyres)

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