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Pinnacle Life - life insurance online at last!

When you can buy an airline ticket online in an instant – would you go and stand in a queue at a travel agent?

When you can transfer money via your internet banking – would you wait in a bank for a teller to do the job for you? And charge you for the privilege?

Internet transactions are the norm these days and Kiwis have embraced the concept of buying online, so why not buy life insurance online as well?

That’s the thinking behind Pinnacle Life, where we’re pioneering life cover via the internet. It’s not a question of why would you buy life insurance online but rather, why wouldn’t you?

That said, buying life insurance online isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather speak to someone face to face then there are Independent Financial Advisors out there lining up to offer guidance.

BUT if you have a fair idea of what level of cover you are looking for (see previous posts for some tips) then why not check our website out for yourself:

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides for those you leave behind.

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