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Vegetarians and gym bunnies - don't hold your breath...

Yesterday we ran a story about vegetarians and life insurance. This is the email response we got from a leading reinsurer...

"We are not aware that there is any solid evidence that Vegetarians actually live longer. As we know there is evidence to suggest that nutrients found in fresh fruit and vegetables play a major role in reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart & cancer. Obviously, a high consumption of fresh fruit & vege means more protection. However, being a vegetarian also brings with it certain health issues –for example: Anaemia, Vitamin B12 deficiencies."

"I don’t believe any serious life insurer would go down the path of offering a discount to someone just because they are a vegetarian. It’s the same argument as the “I go to the gym so I should get a discount” or “I don’t drink so I should get a discount” – yes, in all instances you are proactively doing something that offers a health benefit, however what about your other habits, genes etc. A vegetarian that drinks 5 schooners a day, or eats a kilo of chocolate a day obviously isn’t any better a risk than a tee totaling meat eater!."

Fair point! Any other views??

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