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Do you know what you are most likely to die of?

Ok, we know that life insurance is simple - it's a product that provides a cash lump sum for your family (or financial dependants) in the event of your untimely death.

And whilst bullet-proof younger people seldom if ever think about dying, as you get older it starts to play on your mind. (So I'm told...)

But how many people actually know what they're most likely to die of?

Here's the answer... if you live in NZ there are three killer diseases that account for around 60% of all deaths:

Males Females

  • Cancer 30% 26%
  • Coronary 23% 21%
  • Stroke 7% 12%
  • Other 40% 41%

Total 100% 100%

Obviously there are significant differences in mortality statistics across age, race and gender populations. And there are many forms of cancers that make up the total for cancer.

Over the next few months I'll break down some of these stats for readers of this blog.

Source - NZ Ministry of Health

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