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Pinnacle Life offers an attractive employee benefit to companies

If you’re an employer, you really should consider Pinnacle Life’s online life insurance offer for your staff.


As a Corporate Partner, we’ll offer your staff a discount on our premiums as well as an added accidental death benefit, absolutely free. And since our insurance premiums are already lower than the market average by around 13%, the added staff discount makes our offer extremely attractive.


Each employee can buy up to $500,000 of individual life cover from us online. It can be offered to staff as a ‘top-up’ to traditional ‘Group Life’ or as a substitute. If a link is provided from the participating company’s intranet, we’re only one click away. Staff can choose the amount of cover they need and take out the policy with us directly. Other than offering staff access to our product and enabling the discount, the company is not involved.


Pinnacle Life welcomes the following companies that have joined as Corporate Partners in the past two months:

- Revera (Technology)

- Glaister Ennor (Legal)

- MGI Wilson Elliot (Accounting)

- Huckleberry Farms (Health food retailer)

- Protea Pacific (Legal)

- Diners Club Card (Financial services)

- DRAFT FCB (Advertising)

If your company is interested in partnering with Pinnacle Life in order to gain access to this staff benefit, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. (0800 22 22 23 or Auckland 522-5515)

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Employee Life Cover

As an employer, you have your employees’ best interests at heart. You might want to provide them with additional benefits (to either reward them for their service, or to help keep them with your company). With Pinnacle Life you can provide your employees with some financial support against unforeseen events, at no cost to them.

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