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A life insurer's most valuable asset...

As people who work in the life insurance industry well know, one of the biggest assets a life insurer has is the relationship it has with its ‘reinsurer’.

Pinnacle Life’s relationship with its reinsurer, Hannover Re, stretches back 10 years.

The Hannover Life Re underwriting team based in Sydney were instrumental in the development of the online underwriting system that is at the heart of Pinnacle Life’s breakthrough offering. In assisting us with our design, we asked Hannover Re to think outside the square, to think ‘innovation’ and to think ‘world first’. They did.

We’re proud to be working with this team, without whom we would never have launched. We’re also pleased the feeling’s mutual.

This from Hannover Life Re:

Hannover Life Re of Australasia (HLRA), Australia’s largest Life Reinsurer, are very proud to be affiliated with Pinnacle Life’s internet based insurance application system. We have worked closely together with Pinnacle in the development of this revolutionary site, and are very proud to witness the success Pinnacle are having with this. We see this as the way of the future for our industry, particularly for Generation C who do not have the time, nor the inclination to deal with the traditional adviser and paper trail that has historically been necessary to obtain life insurance.

This technology allows Generation C to take control of their life insurance needs, at their convenience, according to their time constraints, not someone else’s – a must in today’s fast paced consumer environment. We look forward to our continued association with Pinnacle...

Tracy Peterson, Chief Underwriter, HLRA

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