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Pinnacle Life welcomes Fletcher Building staff to its Partner Program

Fletcher Building has joined our Pinnacle Life Corporate Partner Program. This follows several significant companies, including Diners Club Card, joining us in the past few months.

Fletcher Building has an excellent staff discount program. It’s managed by way of a “Fletcher Building Staff Discount Card” – offering staff a wide range of exceptional deals that have been negotiated by the company on their behalf. With around 9,000 NZ-based staff across 5 operating divisions (including the well known PlaceMakers) and more than 10,000 internationally-based staff, that’s a lot of deals just waiting to be taken advantage of! We think a lot more companies should be doing this.

We’re proud to announce Pinnacle Life is now a member of the Fletcher Building Discount Card program.

How it works

Fletcher Building staff can now buy a Pinnacle Life insurance policy directly on-line and automatically get 5% off Pinnacle’s normal rates - plus $10,000 free accidental death cover.

That’s up to 20% less than you’d typically pay buying life insurance through a third party – a saving that staff will lock in for the rest of their lives... literally!

We welcome enquiries from other companies wanting to tie-in with our partner program. Contact us.

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