Is there blogging after 40?

Is there blogging after 40?

Love them or hate them… blogging’s all the rage these days.

Anyone with an opinion is writing a blog. Even people with no opinion looking to make people believe they have an opinion are blogging. And then there are those that don't care if others actually read their opinions, as long as they can read their own opinions they're happy to blog. So that's why there's so much blogging happening... at least that's my opinion. So big has blogging become, that people are now blogging blogs about blogging and bloggers!!!

This story appeared on ReZoom about boomers that blog... recommending a list of 40 blogs written by bloggers aged over 40, selected from around the world. Astonishingly ‘The Life Insurance Blog’ is on the list along with others such as David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd fame). That left us boomers (Steve and I) humbled to say the least.

Also see this story in NZ Management Magazine about corporate blogging. Blog blog bloggedy blog. Love them or hate them

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