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Have a great festive season...

From the authors of The Life Insurance Blog to everyone who is about to really, really, really enjoy the festive season… be happy, have fun and don’t be stupid.

Without wanting to be a party pooper but look at what can happen if you're not careful.

So have a great festive season, be responsible, look after yoursef and your family and above all... live a prosperous, happy, l---o---n---g life.

Finally, as you go on your merry way these holidays, remember this;

  • If you sleep with your married partner that's Legal and General
  • If you sleep with a friend that's Mutual Trust
  • If you pay to sleep with someone that's Commercial Union
  • If you sleep with several partners at the same time that's Group Life
  • If your partner lets you sleep around that's Liberty Life
  • If you’re still sleeping with the same partner after 20 years that’s Pinnacle Life!!
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