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A New Year's resolution for a self-confessed NZ life insurance junkie

With 2008 fast approaching, I thought I would contemplate a New Year’s resolution. Not that I’m one to make a challenging resolution, but a resolution of sorts is always a good way to start the New Year.

So what did I learn this year that could make for a simple, easy-to-keep resolution for 2008? Well to start, I learned from my actuarial friends at Pinnacle Life that no-one’s ever been killed doing the dishes – so perhaps the simple task of doing more dishes this year would help my longevity. And with increased longevity maybe I could argue for a reduction in life insurance premiums? Then again most household accidents occur in the kitchen, so why would I resolve to increase the risk of a serious injury? Perhaps a little more spirituality would help my preparation for the inevitable. But alas, more church in itself won't make me more religious any more than sitting at my desk makes me a more productive employee.

Uhmm – Ok, I’ll sponsor a child in Africa - that should make me feel good and it’s not very hard to do. Now there’s the unchallenging and unselfish New Year resolution I’ve been searching for. Happy New Year to all our readers.


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