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Eat less, live longer...

Ok, you won’t like this one… especially over the festive season. It seems if you eat less you’ll live longer.

No... this is not about avoiding obesity. It's about extending your body's life at a cellular level! Whilst this has been known by scientists for some time, a recent study has started to shed light on why this is so. The study suggests the anti-aging mechanism is linked to two enzymes—SIRT3 and SIRT4. A low calorie intake kicks off a cascade of reactions, raising the levels of these enzymes and ultimately extending the life of cells.

But wait, isn’t this a triple win? You pay less for food, you get to live longer and you get to pay less for you life insurance.

Problem is, this outcome requires you to reduce your calorie intake by 30%~40%. That’s huge! Beg's the question; “how much longer would you live if you did this?” And what if you lived (say) an extra 5 years - wouldn’t it just seem like 50 years… 50 years of low-calorie hell?

What you say we just wait for those scientists to find another way?

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