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Drink the good oil... and live forever!

Always one to shirk the hard yards, I tend to look for secret potions and mystical remedies for longevity. Something one can buy off a shelf in the local supermarket is a real win!.

So a YouTube search on longevity that suggested a cup of oil a day can bring you 120 years, sounded like booty from heaven. So I clicked on the hyperlink and after a long download time (probably routed via the CIA) I learned her secret through the English version of Al Jazeera. It seems a cup of olive oil a day and staying away from alcohol is the magical potion for this Israeli woman who by all accounts is 120 years old.

A cup of oil I can contemplate, but no alcohol... herein lies the problem.

So now that I know I'm never going to make it to 120, let’s be positive. For one, I calculated that Ms 120 has over 400 family birthdays to attend including her children (9), grand children (120), great grand children (250) and great-great grandchildren (30). Add in the sons and daughter in-laws and you’ve got yourself a birthday bash to remember. It’s not all bad, if she visits each relative less than once per year, she would never have to cook a meal or wash up. She would need to bring only her own olive oil though … I mean, a bottle of virgin olive oil is like $9.00 suggesting she’s spent maybe $56,000 in a lifetime of being on the olive bottle.

Sounds like she needs a life insurance policy to pay for that.

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