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No tax relief from the Budget?... may as well pay less for your life insurance!

Ok, now we know for sure there’s no meaningful tax relief from the new budget.

Don’t feel alone; with the housing slump, economic slowdown, out-of-control petrol prices and other spiralling costs, everyone’s in the same boat. Hurting big time.

Have you thought to take another look at what you’re paying for your life insurance? Do you know that by switching to Pinnacle Life, you get 20% OFF what you currently pay?

I’d go as far as saying “forget the budget”!!... over the next 5 to 10 years, Pinnacle Life can save you a lot more than Michael Cullen ever could.

Watch this...

You’re 45 years old and you’re paying $120 per month for your life insurance.

Pinnacle Life will reduce that by 20% - that’s 20% saved every year.

Ok, that’s $24 per month for your first year... but...

...given that life insurance premiums increase each year as you age, and the increases get steeper as you age, the savings increase proportionally. So 20% of your premiums over a 5 year period are likely to add up to over $2,000 saved. And over 10 years you’re likely to save close to $5,000... for exactly the same cover.

This is a genuine opportunity that everyone should look closely at.

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