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Looking for the lowest life insurance premiums?

You know you’re spending too much time looking at other blogs when you notice someone writing a comment about seeking life insurance quotes – online! The quote was for a 37 year old non-smoking female seeking $600,000 life insurance cover.

It was pleasing to see Pinnacle Life shown as the lowest quote out of nine life insurance companies. But of course this was no surprise to us. See the post here showing 9 quotes.

So we thought it would be worthwhile running a similar exercise for males.

We got ten on-line quotes... monthly premiums shown here - highest to lowest...

Quotes** for a 40year old non-smoking male seeking $600,000 cover.

Online Via a Broker

AA Life $58.24 (unavailable) (This is for $400,000 - the max they offer)

ING $55.49 (not listed)

Sovereign $46.78 $51.42

AIG $45.68 $48.30

Tower $45.45 $50.50

Asteron $44.89 $49.88

Fidelity $43.76 $48.13

AXA $43.29 $44.57

AMP $42.37 $47.37

Pinnacle Life $40.37 $40.37

Yes, Pinnacle Life does distribute through brokers as well as on-line direct to consumers but as you can see, there is no difference in what you pay. How does Pinnacle Life achieve such competitive premiums? Simply by being a specialist life insurer and being very efficient at everything it does.

**These quotes were all taken off NZ websites on 1 June 2008.

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