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Life insurance in the land of the 2008 Olympics

As the Olympics kicks off in China on 'lucky day' 08/08/08, bet you didn't stop to think about life insurance in that vast country... considering life insurance in China is still in its infancy.

Some numbers to ponder...

  • 300 : The number of times you can fit the population of NZ into China

  • 132 : The number of life insurance policies in China for each policy in NZ

  • 300% : How much faster the Chinese life insurance market is growing relative to NZ

  • 90 : The number of insurance brokers in China for each broker in NZ and still growing like topsy

  • 0 : Number of instant life insurance websites in China

  • 1.3% : Life insurance premiums in NZ as a % of premiums in China
  • 0.7% : The above ratio when the 2012 Olympics comes around if life insurance in China keeps growing at the current rate. we’ll beat them in rowing...

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