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Arrogance in life insurance…

If today you search for the precise words "pinnacle life insurance" via Google… what do you think you’ll see?

You’ll see Pinnacle Life’s sponsored link, obviously.

But that’s not all.You’ll also see five New Zealand life insurance brokers and two life insurance companies advertising their wares. What they’ve done is simply to hook their adverts onto the search term “Pinnacle Life Insurance”. So while you're searching for Pinnacle Life, they're busy trying to get themselves noticed.

Is this a problem?

Well, it isn’t a problem for Pinnacle Life, because Pinnacle’s online process and great pricing are unmatched in NZ so the comparison is actually to Pinnacle Life’s advantage. Really… this is a NON-issue. And it's quite common practice too.

So why are we blogging about this then? And where are we going with this?

Because around six weeks ago, Pinnacle Life was threatened with legal action by one of NZ's larger insurance companies for daring to do the same thing. That insurance company goes by the name ‘TOWER'.

Not wanting to pick a fight, we at Pinnacle Life pulled the sponsored link and that we thought was the end of it.

Not so.

One of the sponsored links running alongside a Pinnacle Life Insurance search today is… you guessed it… TOWER Health & Life.

And so it was sheer indignation that has led us to write this blog.

TOWER provided several formal arguments as to why Pinnacle Life's actions were legally and morally wrong.And then just weeks after making such a fuss and calling in their lawyers, TOWER go and do exactly the same thing!

Will Pinnacle Life call in the lawyers?

Of course not. That behaviour is more typical of your regular, old fashioned, overpriced life insurance company.

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