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5 ways to reduce Santa Stress... and live longer:-)

We all know Christmas can be a stressful time. Family obligations, financial pressures and excess consumption all lend themselves to an insurance claim. We thought we’d give you some insightful hints on how to deal with all this Santa stress.

Ms Clause

A happy Ms Clause makes for a stressfree Santa.Hints... don’t mention the word dry and turkey in the same sentence, do the dishes before you’re asked, don’t make her play cricket, and when she does:- don’t laugh at her inability to catch, bat or understand the purpose of the game. If this is all done right... it may even lead to a little Ho Ho Ho (keeping her wine glass full helps)

Chimney squats

So you’ve been squatting in front of the chimney for the last 12 hours trying to assemble the latest toy for the little elf. Your Chinese is much improved, but clearly not good enough to read a set of instructions. Your thigh muscles are burning, the vital piece seems to be missing, your fore-arm is aching with screw-driver overuse and now Ms Clause is now offering her advice (a bottle of wine will help interpret the Chinese)

In-law sprints

Just the thought of the in-laws gives you angina, and they’re always the first to arrive. So get your head down and sprint in the opposite direction. The longer the sprint, the better the chance of getting your heart rate up and lowering your stress levels. Be thankful for the food, the company and the fact that you only have to see them once a year. (To help, scull a glass of wine as their car enters the driveway)

Managing elves

For once, give them what they asked for... not what’s good for them. Educational toys suck. Make sure you have the batteries and earplugs (also helpful for in-law chatter). Sharing is NOT caring. (a full wine glass also helps your 5am start )

Christmas Carrols don’t rock

It all starts in November with the first Christmas advert.. then the cacophony of endless carols heard at prize-giving, retail shopping, radio stations, TV adverts, banner-ads and soon you’re dreaming for silent nights. Jingle bells don’t rock and Reindeers don’t have red noses or fly. (You need more than a glass of wine for George Michael’s last Christmas)

So if you don’t need the Santa stress, and to keep our claims down, stay at home and buy online.

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