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Q&A... Is there value in a broker submitting your life insurance claim?

Question from Grant

We have a broker who argues the value he offers is when a claim is made. Thankfully we have yet to test this, but I can well imagine that neither my wife nor I would be in the best headspace to submit or let alone argue a claim with an insurance company. How does Pinnacle counter this point?


There may be a lot of variability when you submit an accident claim for your car, or a health insurance claim. So maybe if an insurance broker goes in to bat for you it could be helpful in some circumstances.

But for a life insurance claim, it’s relatively straight forward… your are either dead or you are not dead. And ‘dead’ is usually quite easy to prove. All you need is a death certificate and Bob’s your late uncle.

Given that Pinnacle Life is in the business of life insurance (not car insurance or health insurance) , Pinnacle Life typically doesn’t spend a lot of time haggling over claims.

So, would you better off if you used a broker to submit your claim? Personally I don’t see the point.

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