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Q&A...Does Pinnacle Life offer Trauma Cover?

A question from Janelle…

“Can I ask why you don’t offer a comprehensive product range which includes trauma insurance? My husband and I have life and trauma insurance. As I understand it they are linked. But we can’t move them both over to Pinnacle because you don’t offer trauma insurance so what do you suggest?”


Indeed Pinnacle Life does offer a Trauma product.

On the Pinnacle Life website there is a simple Trauma product called ‘Serious Illness Cover’. It covers the ‘big four’ trauma conditions (cancer, stroke, heart attack and heart bypass surgery) that typically account for 90% of all claims.

If you already have an existing policy for life cover and trauma cover you can apply to switch your policy to Pinnacle Life. Pinnacle will attempt to replace it with 20% lower premiums. You can apply online through the Pinnacle Life website. Just go to the product selection screen (second page) and you will see the ‘Switch your policy’ option there.

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