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Sleep longer and get higher premiums for life insurance!

Ok, I always thought that getting a lot of sleep was one of the ways to a long and healthy life.

Not so, according to this report on BBC.

The bottom line is this… scientists at the University of California have established that sleeping for 6 or 7 hours a night is better than 8 or more hours, if your goal is to live longer.

As a person working in life insurance, my ears pricked up when I heard this. You see, if you think about it, this study says that people who sleep longer than average are more likely to die younger than average and this means they are a higher risk for buying life insurance.

And how do insurers deal with higher risk applicants? Higher premiums of course.

So how about a new question introduced onto life insurance applications asking how long you sleep for on average each night. Less than 8 hours means you get offered life insurance at the standard price. Eight or more hours and you’ll get an instant loading on your insurance premiums.

Hmmm. Makes you think.

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