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A bouquet for Pinnacle Life staff

A letter received by Pinnacle Life from Lynn...

Dear Sir

This letter is to advise you of the great service we received by your staff when it was decided after hearing you on 1ZB to enquire about transferring our Insurance to save 20% on our premiums.

Initially by calling your 0800 number I had the pleasure of talking to Anna, she was excellent in giving me all the information and promised to post the necessary paperwork so we could set this up. The next day the information was received, just shows the dedication in service she had shown. Details were returned and once again Anna telephoned to say it had been received and she would pass it onto your underwriters.

The underwriters did take some time to process and I was concerned that we might not make the deadline to get the first years cover for 25% less. Then came Bill Kim with amazing service advising he was processing the policy. This was only a few days before the deadline. When asked if the policy was accepted by us would be still be in time. He offered to fax the relevant papers through and advised if these were faxed back to be received by the 29th June he would be able to offer the above. He kept me informed by telephone where we up too. I had earlier asked what time he finished work and he advised 5pm, it was 5:15pm when he phoned me on the 28th to make sure I had received the faxed documents. This was the best service I have had in many years, I have telephoned them both (Bill and Anna) to thank them very much for the wonderful service but I wanted you to know what great staff you have and would very much appreciate if you could congratulate them both on giving your clients a wonderful experience and both are a credit to you and your company.

Yours faithfully Lynn Waters, Pakuranga 1st July 2011

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