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What do “seduction” and “selling life insurance” have in common?

Nothing?” Well that’s my answer… but of course, that’s just me because I’m probably naive.

However, insurance adviser Andrew Smith claims that the six steps to ‘get a girl’ also work a treat when it comes to selling life insurance. See the original article here.

According to Smith:

1. Make her laugh - Smith says if you make your clients laugh, a lot of barriers are broken down.”

2. Get her talking about herself – Smith believes once you start listening to a client, they open up more.”

3. Be confident - don't be the pussy cat... be the lion”, is Smiths advice. "If you are on a date and you’re not confident in your own abilities, the date will fail.”

4. Be friends first. The girl will be expecting an ulterior motive to your date. Be informative. Smile. Be friendly. In insurance we are only after one thing really and in our terms… it is the sale.”

5. Find out what's important to her. It’s time for the “TED questions”. “Tell me more about your family? Describe what would happen to them if you failed to come home from work next Monday”.

6. Take her out for ice-cream. Sweetness releases endorphins and a feel good factor, the thought of which, makes a girl smile." Every time Smith has a client he gives them a box of chocolates.

There are valuable lessons here for everyone.

When you’re next approached by an insurance salesman, you’ll know the drill by heart. Just hope it doesn’t get broken.

Or if you’re not into being seduced... get your insurance online

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