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Winning is lifesaving…

It would be remiss of me not to write an article about the Rugby World Cup, and life insurance. How could I let such an opportune moment slide by without giving the lighter side of the important role sport events plays in our industry?

Let’s start with the car keys, that silver and brass jingle in your pocket (or so you thought), essential to getting back home in time to watch the replay. Statistics show, that your keys are the most likely item to be lost at a major sporting event. After a major sporting event, a stadium will receive on average 70 calls for lost keys. It may well be the levels of intoxication that predicate these lost keys. A study conducted by the University of Minnesota determined that one in every 12 fans leaves a major sporting event intoxicated.

It turns out that all types of motorists — not just pizza delivery drivers — are at risk on the roads after a major sports event. A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine tracked driving deaths on 27 consecutive Super Bowl Sundays discovered a 41% jump in the number of fatalities in the hours after the game than in the same time period on all other Sundays.

The study also reported that the number of crashes in the state of the losing team rose 68% after the game, compared with an increase of just 6% in the winner’s state.

So let’s keep the road fatalities down to an absolute minimum. …. Go The All Blacks!

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