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15 minutes per day earns you 3 more years...

Do you exercise for at least 15 mins per day??


Then (in a perfect world obviously) you should be entitled to a 14% discount on your life insurance premiums!!

A research study briefing in Time Magazine says that just 15 minutes of exercise each day increased your life expectancy by 3 years and reduced your risk of dying by 14%.

Research was conducted on 400,000 Taiwanese people over a period of 3 years, and the study compared people who undertook on average 15 minutes of exercise per day with people who were inactive.

Whilst we’ve known for a long time that exercise is good for your health, the specific relationship between ‘minutes of exercise’ and ‘years of longevity’ has not been that well researched.

With this type of information now emerging, I would not be surprised if in years to come life insurance companies start asking about your exercise habits before either quoting a price or issuing you a policy.

Watch this space.

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