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Who actually reads the ‘small print’ on websites...?

LIFE INSURANCE Buying on-line


Websites are now plentiful offering ‘calculators’ that enable you to work out the amount of life insurance cover you need.

But look more closely on some websites and you may find a ‘disclaimer’ saying your calculation and the information they’re providing may not be reliable... Why provide and promote tools that can’t be relied upon to meet your needs?

Typical disclaimers (from a NZ website)...“At Your Own Risk Any transaction you enter into with an Insurance Provider etc, etc... is conducted and completed entirely at your own risk. Neither [website name] nor the Insurance Providers give any advice or make recommendations as to the suitability of cover. [Website name] does not make any representations nor give any warranties in relation to any products or services promoted or sold by the Insurance Providers including: a. Content, description, worthiness, suitability for any particular purpose, quality or legality of the products and services that are promoted and offered by the Insurance Providers on the Website; b. Whether any insurance or service offered by the Insurance Providers on the Website will meet your requirements or expectations.

Can you imagine buying a new HP calculator with a disclaimer that said “hey, this is a great calculator but don’t rely on the answers you calculate”. Or what about an aircraft instruction manual saying “we’re not responsible if you follow our instructions’... or a disclaimer on a restaurant menu saying ...”we’re not responsible if you get served something entirely different from what you ordered...” Nice to see a website that’s willing to stand 100% behind the information, tools and services it provides! :)

All blog articles
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