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LOL... and pay less for life insurance:-)

Yes, laugh out loud...

A study carried out in Norway a few years ago suggests adults with a sense of humour outlive those who don't find life funny.

54,000 Norwegians were asked about their sense of humour and then tracked for 7 years. The quartile with the funniest outlook on life were 35% more likely to survive the study period than those that were, ahem, grumpy. And for those people who had cancer at the beginning of the study, the gain was a massive 70%.

Apparently there are plenty of studies that show laughter reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain, oxygenates the blood and strengthens the immune system, all of which add up to increased longevity (LOL makes sense to me). Ten minutes of belly-laughter is believed to give the same benefit as a half-hour on a rowing machine (LOL I know which I’d pick).

Just think of the implications for life insurance cover. Imagine this question on a life insurance application form; “Have you ever been diagnosed with a sense of humour?… yes or no”

Come to think of it, life insurance isn’t all serious business. You should hear some of the life insurance jokes that go around our industry. It’s true, working in our industry can extend your life!

Here’s one…

"Do you know how much cover you have on your husband's life insurance policy?" asked the life insurance agent

"What do you mean?" the woman asked

"Well… if you were to lose your husband, do you know what you’d get?" asked the agent

The woman thought a moment, then brightened up and replied, "Probably a poodle."

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