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Men - Ben Stiller wants you to go to the Doctor!

Men - Ben Stiller wants you to go to the Doctor!

Blue September (Prostate Cancer Awareness month) might be over and ‘Movember’ isn’t here yet, but we thought this article was a good reminder about the need to get regular prostate cancer checks – especially for men who are over 40.

Ben Stiller & Prostate Cancer

Luckily, if detected early prostate cancer has a high survival rate, and given that by the age of 60, 1 in 14 men would have been diagnosed, it seems pretty sensible to get regular checks.

And in New Zealand, there are lots of good resources that can help provide you with more information about what the warning signs are, how often to get checked, and if need be, the types of treatment.

Men's Health Trust

Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ

So guys, if you haven’t already, get yourselves checked out, and for those of you who are wives or partners, encourage them to make it a regular check-up.

After all, your health is one of your most important assets, so we reckon it’s worth looking after.

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