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Summer Safety - on the water

Summer Safety - on the water

In the last of our blogs on Summer Safety, we’re hitting the water.

We Kiwis love our boats. Whether it’s sailing, fishing, kayaking, water skiing or cruising. On any given day in summer if you look at the sea there’s likely to be boats galore. It’s easy to get complacent if you’ve been boating all your life. But remember everyone else on the water may not be as experienced as you. If you’re a boatie, make sure you keep your family safe this summer by:

  • Maintain and check your gear. If you haven’t had your gear out since last summer, make sure you give it a thorough check and service before you head out on the water. Service your engine, check your battery and check your fuel.
  • Before you head out make sure you are familiar with the area and know any hazards. This includes sunken rocks, bird nesting areas, swimming spots and launch areas.
  • Make sure you know the rules. Just like driving, there are ‘rules of the road’ on the water. Most boating accidents happen because skippers don’t have enough knowledge or experience. Ignorance is not an excuse. Make sure your skipper is familiar with the rules.
  • Double check conditions including tides and share your plans.
  • Life jackets for everyone and make sure that everyone wears them.
  • Take waterproof communications.
  • Save the alcohol until you’re sitting round the BBQ.

There are some great apps for safer boating, available on the app store or google play.

Plan ahead and keep your family safe.

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