Group Life Scheme designed for kiwi businesses

Group Life Scheme designed for kiwi businesses

New Zealand is a country where businesses with less than a 100 employees are the cornerstone of our economy. So we’re really proud to have partnered with Belong to bring an innovative new Group life insurance scheme to market that caters to the needs of these business owners - who make up 99% of New Zealand businesses.

Holding good employees in today’s tough market isn’t just about how well you pay them – it’s also about how well you care for them. We were getting feedback from business owners that they wanted to be able to provide additional benefits to their employees to recognise their value, but the options were limited.

So we partnered with Belong – another innovative kiwi owned and operated company who have developed a unique employee benefits platform to bring deals and benefits to businesses and employees. Together we’ve built the Belong Cornerstone Group Scheme, which caters for businesses with more than 5 employees. It’s unique because:

  • You only pay for the employees you have, not for potential future employees
  • If you have at least 5 permanent employees you can access the scheme
  • As your business grows, so you can change the level of benefit you offer to your customers
  • You pay monthly, versus annually, making it more manageable from a cash flow perspective
  • You get free access to the Belong platform, therefore giving even more benefits to your people
  • Its administered through the Belong platform, making maintaining the scheme simple

Rob Ellis, CEO of Belong sees real value in the proposition for kiwi businesses - and in fact Belong were one of the first companies to provide the Cornerstone to their employees.

“We love the fact that for a small monthly payment, we can be sure that our people would have some additional financial support for their families, if the unexpected happened and they either suffered a serious illness, or died. It’s not something we like to think about, but the reality is that it does happen, and we want to be there for our people in their time of need.
It’s also great that our people can see their policy and benefits on the Belong site, so that they are full aware of what we are doing for them.
Working with Pinnacle Life to develop and build this product was great – we found them innovative and open to trying different things. And given that they were the first insurance company in the world to ever deliver online policies meant they were used to pushing the boundaries.”

And at Pinnacle Life, we’re delighted that we were able to help create a solution for kiwi businesses who want to provide a financial benefit to their employees in a time of need.

As a New Zealand owned and operated life insurance company, we’re proud to be affiliated with an kiwi owned and operated business which helps other New Zealand businesses thrive and grow.

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