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What can I buy with $5?

What can I buy with $5?

These days having cash in your wallet is a rare occurrence for many of us. Instead, we pull out our cards, wave them around and voila! payment is made. We may even just wave our wrists around to pay if we’re wearing a smartwatch. If someone had time travelled from 30 years ago it would seem like magic, or that we were all just a bit nuts.

The ease of making a payment has also made it easier to spend. There’s something about actually taking the money out of your wallet and counting it out that makes it much more real than swiping a card. How many of us actually check our bank balances every week or every day? Let alone every time we make a purchase.

$5 here and $5 there…

You can buy some pretty cool things for $5. Which, when all it takes is waving a card around is easy to do without even thinking about it. Kmart is one of those ‘dangerous’ stores heaps of temptation with under $5 bargains. A quick scan online shows there’s plenty of handy gadgets to be had…

Or you could buy a soy flat white for an average of $4.50 … or 2 bags of frozen veg from Pak N save if you’re feeling like being healthy…

$5 slips through our fingers pretty fast. But it adds up. $5 a week is $260 over a year and $5 a day comes to nearly $2000 at $1825.

Or you could spend it on making sure your family can keep spending after you’re gone.

Life Cover from Pinnacle Life starts from $15.60 a month. That’s not even $5 a week. If you’re a 25-year-old male that will buy you $150,000 worth of life cover. If you’re a 40-year-old female that will get you $200,000 of life cover.

No-one wants to think about having to sort out insurance. It can be hard to understand what you need, let alone how much cover you really need. And there are so many much cooler things to spend your money on! The thing is though, that once you’ve sorted it, you’re sorted. You don’t need to think about it again until something in your life changes like you have kids or buy a house. You might notice money leave your account once a month if you do check your balances, and you can feel good that you’re spending it on protecting your family’s future.

That means, that even after you’re gone they’ll be able to wave their wrists around and keep spending $5 on the odd handy gadget from k-mart. Although hopefully you live for years to come, and by then maybe we’ll only need to think about purchasing and we’ll have paid for it from the digital wallet stored in a chip in our brain. What do you reckon?

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