Pinnacle Life recognised for digital excellence - 2021

Pinnacle Life recognised for digital excellence - 2021

We have won several awards in our time but not so much in recent years as we haven’t entered anything. Which makes winning something on our first in a while go super exciting!

We are very proud to be recognised for our new bundled Life Insurance and Income Protection product by the Insurance Business Awards NZ. Our new product means our customers only need one quote and to answer underwriting questions just once. They also only get one policy document, keeping things as simple as possible.

It's all about ease

At Pinnacle Life, one of our core values is ease. We think having to enter the same information multiple times and be assessed for different products separately is anything but easy. With a bundled product, our customers tell us everything once, and then our online underwriting does the work of assessing the application. For any customers who need additional support through the underwriting assessment, we can help them over the phone and by using digital tools to speed up the process and ensure our customers are kept well informed.

While many of our competitors advertise an instant quote and cover, most require a phone call or contact details to complete taking out the policy. At Pinnacle Life, we focus entirely on the customer being able to sort their life insurance in their own time, at their own speed. We focus on keeping things so easy and uncomplicated that our customers are confident they are making the right choice about their cover. Nothing is left unexplained.

You can read more about the award and why we were recognised here.

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