How to make life easy – 7 hacks to start today

How to make life easy – 7 hacks to start today

    For those of us with school kids, this week can be a bit of a mixed blessing. End of the holiday juggle - yay, back to school lunches - boo, the first week of getting logistics under control - eek, halfway through the year - yay, and so on. There is not a better time for things that make life easier. Because we spend a lot of time thinking about easy, we found some hacks that you can start today (whether you have kids or not).

    Organise your life

    1. Plan the week– you can do this on any day of the week; just do the next seven days. Write out everyone’s appointments and commitments. Top tip, do a meal plan at the same time.

    Pros: you'll know ahead of time any clashes or tricky logistics and be able to plan around it; your meal plan can suit the amount of time you have to cook; you can make a shopping list based on what you’re planning to use.

    Cons: finding the time to write a list in the first place!

    2. Embrace online shopping – many of us got way better at this during lockdowns, which means that supermarkets and other retailers have come a long way in making it easy. Unless you relish going to the supermarket and filling a huge trolley, there’s no need any longer. Think about your week ahead – see step 1 – and do an online shop accordingly. To avoid paying delivery fees, choose click and collect.

    Pros – you just got an hour back of your life each week; easier to budget as you see how much your trolley costs as you add items

    Cons – you don’t get to choose your bananas to be exactly as you like them

    3. Set up your bills to be paid automatically - Open a bank account that’s just for bills. Choose an account type that’s as free and cheap as possible. Roughly work out how much your bills are each month – best done when you take a yearly average as bills can fluctuate significantly throughout the year – and set up an automatic payment for each payday with enough to cover the bills. Other than checking the account every month or so, hopefully, you will never have to worry about bills again.

    Pros – never have to think about bills

    Cons – takes a bit of work to set up and you need an account you can use. See Step 2 – look online as lots of banks offer opening accounts as an online service

    4. Get your (personal) inbox under control - When we used to get actual snail mail, it was evident to your whole street if you didn’t empty your mailbox. With email, the only person who knows how out of control your inbox is, is you! Work your way through your emails, deleting and filing as you go, so that the only things left in your inbox are those you need to action in some way. While many of us might want to avoid emails at the end of the work-day, modern day life demands it. Having a tidy inbox will be easier to manage going forward.

    Pros – quickly know if there’s something you need to action

    Cons – you have to sort everything out in the first place (you could, of course, just delete everything and start again)

    Do Less

    5. Delegate. Who can help you get stuff done? Can someone else do the jobs you like the least? Cooking, cleaning, driving? Think what you can either ask someone else in your household to do, or if that won’t work, who could you pay?

    Pros – never having to do the job you hate again

    Cons - you may have to pay someone, so not great for the budget

    Clever Life tricks – things that can make your day go better

    6. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water when you’re boiling eggs, and the shell will come off easily

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7. Use a bread tag to hold the end of a roll of tape. So quick and easy

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Bonus hack - Use a dustpan to fill containers that don’t fit under the tap. No more floods!

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