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I found the whole process easy, forms were straight forward, cost of premiums are great. Found their customer service department helpful and I didn't feel rushed. Would highly recommend company.

Liz Carr - February '18

Thanks Pinnacle for your straight forward and easy online application process. Also thanks to your customer service on the follow up call :) Great service.

Kristen Singh - January '18

Easy process to get covered and the most competitive price we saw.

David Smeaton - January '18

Very easy process of getting life insurance -- even when my application had to go through underwriting due to family health history, I got a call the next day to get everything settled. The rates I got were very fair. I did extensive research before getting life cover and I know that they're still the most affordable. The 98% payout rate was what mattered to me more than the price. I've personally seen their claims process at work (another family member is insured with them) and I know that they're true to their word. At the end of the day, I want to make sure that my family gets the money to help them carry on.

Jade-Ceres Dolor - December '17

They did what I want and easy to understand hope it keep up this way

Leeanne Tippett - November '17

So easy to use online done in 5 minutes. Great prices cheaper than anywhere else.

Dennis Charlie - October '17

I'm not computer savvy but Pinnacles Website is really easy to navigate. Ive been looking around for funeral cover for my mother and I found the "Feeling Lost" page helpful for the cover types available

Theresa Wildsmith - October '17

Don't trust this company's online quotes! Once they approve your policy they then ask for a higher price. Why? Because of the "healthy living" clause. Basically answer "yes" to having ANY health issue, including cold or flu, and it triggers an increase to the price above the quote. Answer "no" to ever having cold or flu and they may refuse to pay your claim. It's a scam.

Roger Thomas - October '17
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