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At Pinnacle Life we believe in working with others who are also focused on building a better Aotearoa (New Zealand) - for today and tomorrow. Whether that be helping to grow stronger families, supporting our elders, or helping communities succeed, as a company owned and operated by Kiwis we want to help.

New Zealand Seniors provide cost-effective and trusted insurance products that are simple to use and understand. Their goal is to help people protect what’s most important to them, which is one of the reasons we’ve partnered with them. Together with New Zealand Seniors, we’re committed to identifying and developing services and products we believe protect and improve the wellbeing of all Kiwis over 50. Learn more at nzseniors.co.nz

OneChoice provides trusted life insurance that looks out for their customers’ most important assets. Not just your life or health – but your family’s future. OneChoice also skip the complicated paperwork and medical tests as part of their drive towards making life insurance simple. Whether it’s the people you love or the time you spend with them, OneChoice are committed to helping you focus on the things that matter. That’s why they created life insurance that’s made just for Kiwis. Visit OneChoice today.

Designed by Kiwis for Kiwi businesses, Belong helps employers deliver their existing employee benefits, and add offers for their employees from other companies through a simple and easy to use digital app - which is always updated with new offers. Employers can also create their own offers to promote their business to the employees of other Belong customers.

Belong also provides employees with a one-stop-shop for their benefits, with easy to use smartphone apps and website.

Belong are the exclusive distributors of Cornerstone Employee Cover (underwritten by Pinnacle Life) – an innovative insurance scheme designed for businesses with more than 5 employees. Cornerstone enables employers to provide life insurance benefits for their employees, on a monthly pay-as-you-go scheme, at low prices. And employers who have a Cornerstone Employee Cover Scheme get access to the rest of the Belong platform free!

Belong is an employee benefits, rewards, sales and communication platform – aimed at helping employers value their employees and promote their businesses.

Affordable, easy to run, easy to roll out - do something great for your team today.

Join Belong.

n3 is a business buying group with over 15,000 Kiwi business members. With combined buying power, businesses can save on almost everything, from milk delivery and fuel supply to stationery and tools.

Employee Benefits rewards n3 Members’ staff with access to great perks with discounts from some of New Zealand’s leading suppliers. Staff can either receive cards, or download discount vouchers for personal use which they simply show in-store or use online at time of purchase to receive the discount. Employees in the network also gain access to limited time offers by email.

Pinnacle Life is proud to be the preferred direct life insurance partner for n3.

Visit www.n3.co.nz/Employee-Benefits to learn more.

Perpetual Guardian has over 130 years’ experience helping NZers with Wills and Estate planning. They are passionate about ensuring that every family in NZ has the right safe-guards in place to protect their assets and futures.

Enduring Powers of Attorney are available through Perpetual Guardian, and appoint a person to act on your behalf when you aren’t able to do so for yourself eg if you are in a coma. Unlike a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney operates while you are alive. They can also be used temporarily, for example, if you are going overseas and want someone to manage your property or investments until your return.

Learn more at perpetualguardian.co.nz.

Footprint are a Kiwi company who provide a eWill service online. They believe whether you have a little or a lot, you should be in complete control of the footprint you leave behind. It’s all do-it-yourself, making it easy for you to get your will sorted. And you can be confident that it covers all the bases as it’s written by lawyers, and checked by experts. It’s as simple as 1 2 3 – you can do it yourself cost-effectively online.

Get started by visiting myfootprint.co.nz

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