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Products available on this website are offered by Pinnacle Life Limited, a New Zealand licenced insurer. The website and the products sold on it are governed by New Zealand law. By using this website you agree to the following terms.

Pinnacle Life owns the Intellectual Property associated with the website. You agree not to reproduce any of the information in or on our website without our prior written consent.

We have some eligibility requirements around geographic location and New Zealand citizenship or visa status. We’ll ask you questions about these as part of the application process. If you are outside the bounds of those eligibility requirements the information on this website won’t apply to you.

To the fullest extent of the law Pinnacle Life disclaims liability for damages of any kind that occur from your use of this website, cover obtained through it or the information provided on it. By using this website you understand and agree to this. While Pinnacle Life will take all best endeavours to ensure that this site is free from harmful code such as worms or viruses no guarantee of the safety of downloads is implied.

If there is a disparity between information in a specific policy document and information on this website the policy document will prevail.

Any calculators provided are for illustrative purposes only, they are based on generalised information and assumptions and do not constitute personalised advice. See our advice policy for further details.

Pinnacle Life will treat your information securely as outlined in our privacy and security policy.

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