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Busting the old insurance jargon

Hands up who actually reads their insurance policy documents? You’re not alone. Three in five adults in the UK don’t read the terms and conditions when they take out an insurance policy (according to a report on the life insurance sector by global market researchers, Mintel in 2005.)

Not much has changed since then. Part of this has to be that insurance policies are often tough to digest, littered as they are with complex language and clauses. What makes this worse is the fact that there is absolutely no need for it. (It's a recurring theme from us but I'll say it again - life insurance has always been a simple product, it’s just that traditional insurers have done a great job making it complicated.)

Pinnacle Life has completely rewritten all its life insurance documents so that when you buy a policy you can understand exactly what you are getting, without needing a PhD in insurance! Gone is the insurance-speak and the legal mumbo jumbo, so no need for an expert to guide you through it.

Check out our sample policy document on the Pinnacle Life website . You’ll see what I mean.

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