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Insurance gobbledygook

We saw this clause in a life insurance policy the other day and we simply had to share it.

“If You don’t pay the premium when due, or the premium deduction from your account can’t be made, then if the unpaid premium was the first premium, the Policy will not operate at all, or if the unpaid premium was a premium other than the first premium, We will allow 30 days from the due date to make this payment. If We have not received payment by this time, We will send You a notice telling You that We will cancel Your Policy if the premium then due is not paid by the date shown in the notice. This date will be at least 28 days from the date of the giving of this notice. If You do not pay the premium by that date We will cancel the Policy and the insurance cover stops.”

Anyone who can make sense of it, we’d appreciate a translation…

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