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Why should New Zealanders buy life insurance on-line?

We thought we’d start the New Year reminding New Zealanders exactly why buying life insurance on-line is a great idea.

Obviously this assumes you need life insurance… which you do if you have a family that is financially dependant on you... because you don’t know when you’re going to die. Also assumes you’re ‘online’ and you like to do your business quickly and efficiently. That’d be just about everyone today – you’d think?

If you already know it’s a great idea, click here to buy life insurance online now… do not pass go etc…. Otherwise, read on… Here are the 5 best reasons I can think of to buy your life insurance online;

#1: Because it's quick and easy to do

Isn’t that why most people do their business on the internet? Click… click… click… click… done!! If you can find an easier way to buy life insurance, tell us… and we’ll spread the word. It used to take days, weeks or even months buying through an agent. Now it takes just minutes.

#2: Because you’re buying a product you can understand

Traditional life insurance products are complicated – it was never easy to fathom exactly what you were buying – until now. Just for a laugh, see what a policy looks like with all the legal-mumbo-jumbo and the insurance-speak removed. See how it feels to read a policy in ‘everyday’ English.

#3: Because it’s anonymous

Not everyone is comfortable sitting with an insurance agent answering all those highly personal and sometimes embarrassing health questions. Given half a chance, most people prefer to manage their personal affairs… umm… privately. Life insurance is after all a private matter and the internet gives you the opportunity to keep it so.

#4: Because it costs less

That’s the wonderful thing about the internet. Everything is done quickly and efficiently. Its all just mouse clicks. Gone are the layers and layers of cost those traditional life insurance companies lay on. People, paper, postage… the internet does away with all that. That’s why buying life insurance online costs less… way less.

#5: Because you can

Until recently the only way you could but life insurance was through an insurance agent… now its available on-line. The question is no longer “why would anyone want to buy life insurance on-line?”… the question has become “why wouldn’t you?”

So… even if it’s only to pique your interest or to check out the low insurance premiums, click here to buy life insurance direct, online.

And if you have already purchased life insurance online, interested in your thoughts… leave a comment.

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