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Right-handed people live 10 years longer...

Don’t shoot me ... I’m just the messenger here!

I’m only reporting what Canadian psychologist Stanley Coren had to say in his 1992 book - The Left-Handed Syndrome. He reported that left-handers, on average, lived about 10 years less than right-handers do. That’s what his data showed, but clearly no answers regarding why this would be so.

Now that’s a pretty serious statistic. If I was a ‘leftie’ I’d be dashing off to buy a life insurance policy. In fact, I’d buy it right now, online, so as not to lose a moment of my precious, remaining time.

So why don’t lefties rush off to buy life insurance?They would be getting a bargain price relative to ‘righties’ and clearly they have the greater need.

And why too don’t life insurance companies have different premium rates for lefties?

Answer: Because (by all accounts) Stanley Coren’s data was rubbish.

In 1993 scientists at the National Institutes of Health and Harvard University co-authored a study that showed no statistical difference in longevity between lefties and righties and that Coren’s study had been flawed.

So don’t hold your breath waiting for a question on the old life insurance application asking which hand you use to sign your life away (so to speak)?

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