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Insurance in plain English? – Yeah, right...

Ever wondered why insurance documents can’t be written in plain, simple, non-legal English?

Well actually... they can!

Last week, Pinnacle Life won the New Zealand 2009 Best Plain English Document Award (Private Sector).

This award was presented in Wellington at the Plain English Awards run by WriteMark New Zealand.

Pinnacle Life won this award for its life insurance policy document described by judges as “clear, sophisticated” and "as good as it gets".

Not only was Pinnacle Life a winner in the best document category, but the Pinnacle Life website was a finalist in the “Plain English Website Awards”.

So... no need to put up with insurance jargon any longer or wrestle with legal English... just go online and see for yourself why Pinnacle Life is not your regular, old fashioned, overpriced life insurance company.

And here’s the highlight... (Marketing Manager Pinnacle Life) picking up the trophy presented in Wellington.

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