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Our new normal - working at Pinnacle Life under Covid 19

Our new normal - working at Pinnacle Life under Covid 19

Like many companies, the rapid move to Covid 19 Alert Level 4 last week had us scrambling for the tools we needed to keep our business running. As a digital company, we had many of the things we needed in place already, but we didn’t have everything we needed for all of our staff members to be able to do their jobs entirely from home. For Pinnacle Life that included purchasing phones for staff that could link to our 0800 number, buying extra laptops, grabbing screens and cords and even office chairs to relocate to home offices.

Thankfully we got ourselves sorted with everyone having access to what they need to be able to continue to do their job and to look after you, our customers.

Our new arrangements have meant for a few changes though and an update to our ‘office rules’:

  • The furthest distance between staff is now around 65km rather than about 30m - no popping across the room for a quick chat, now it’s 'slack' or Micorsoft Teams with a video cam
  • We have some new teammates – 16 kids, (including 3 under 6’s) and 10 with 4 legs – some of whom are definitely not conducive to a productive workday
  • No more shared morning tea for birthdays – everyone is responsible for making and eating their own birthday cake. With 2 birthdays this week, we are feeling a bit sad about this one.
  • We have had to update our dress code to allow for unicorn onesies - only once a week for video calls

Some of us are home alone, and some of us are juggling three generations in one house. Some of us are having to cope with seeing more of their partners than they ever have and some of us are worried about loved ones overseas. Our Pinnacle Life family has become even more important, giving us something bigger than ourselves to think about.

Our new setup means that our customer service should be almost exactly the same as it was from our office in Newmarket. You can expect if you call, email or message us, we will respond and have access to your information. (Sometimes, our home life may interrupt our work-life just like it might at your place, and we ask for your tolerance if that happens!). It may also take us longer to get things through the post, but we are trying to limit our need for that as much as possible.

We know that many of you will have questions and concerns about your life insurance and what you are covered for. We have tried to answer these questions here. You can still apply to change, increase or decrease your cover, just as you would normally.

This is a stressful time for everyone. Our team has enjoyed sharing memes and making each other laugh. So far we have not had any video call blunders, but it is only day 6! We would love to hear what our customers are doing to keep themselves entertained and any top tips you have for working remotely. Most of all, be kind to yourself and your family and call us if you need us.

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