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How to 'level' up Father's Day 2020

How to 'level' up Father's Day 2020

It’s that time of year when Dad jokes appear in every ad break, and there are specials on power tools and men's socks and undies all through your Facebook feed. If you live in Auckland, you might not have seen your Dad for a few weeks, so Father’s Day is especially good timing, he will hopefully have had the chance to think of some new jokes.

This Father’s Day could be tough for some. Dads who work Sundays, especially Dads who are essential workers or who work in healthcare, Dads in rest homes who can’t be visited or Dads that aren’t in NZ but live elsewhere. Make sure you send them all some special love this Sunday.

If you're a Dad yourself, you might want to try dropping some hints quick smart on how to nail the gift-giving and to set some expectations for the day from your offspring. If they need some guidelines, point them in the direction of our Father’s Day levels and get them clear on your expectations.

The Level 4 Dad– the at home job. While this seems like the most straightforward option, it requires the most effort from loved ones. Unlike alert level 4, where the focus was on trying to stay home and be nice to everyone, this requires consideration, time and effort. First the homemade card – this requires sourcing materials, (ideally from around the house) making the card and tidying up without Mum losing her rag. Any gifts must also be homemade – top picks for this one is home-cooked breakfast or another meal, something Dad likes not just cooking your personal favourite. You could also offer to do something helpful like mowing the lawns or whatever is a 'Dad' job at your house.

The Level 3 Dad – outsourced wins. The level 3 Dad does not need the bells and whistles either but still appreciates a bit of effort and acknowledgement. If this is your Dad buy him a takeaway coffee and a doughnut. For extra points buy him a joke present, puzzle toilet paper or the like and let him win a game or two on the X-box.

The Level 2 Dad – a bit of an effort, please. This Dad like a little bit of attention, but it doesn't need to be a full day of 'Dadness'. Take him out for a nice lunch, (somewhere local is extra good right now) buy him a beer and spend some quality time together.

The Level 1 Dad – if you haven't planned Father’s Day for your level 1 dad you're in trouble. This Dad appreciates a full day with the family, possibly including his parents, and ideally, a well thought through gift. You might want to start with coffee in bed, followed by a shared experience like golfing or fishing, and finish off with lunch dinner at his favourite restaurant. On the plus side, the level 1 Dad is usually awesome at birthday and Christmas gifts so your thoughtfulness will be returned when your turn comes around.

If your Dad is no longer with us, make sure you spend some time thinking about him on Sunday. Gone but not forgotten.

It’s been a tough year. Most of us had more time than usual to think about and evaluate what’s important. Celebrating time with loved ones will be at the top of many lists, so make sure you find time for that on Sunday. Family is what makes us feel lucky.

Image - Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

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