We’re for making life easier – top 7 kitchen utensils

We’re for making life easier – top 7 kitchen utensils

While most of the country move to level 2 and can enjoy the delights of not just take-aways but eating out as well, Aucklanders must continue to self-cater. It's unlikely lockdown cooking is fun for anyone, including the foodies, bakers and chefs, with the monotony of cooking every night rapidly wearing thin.

To make home cooking more enjoyable, we asked the Pinnacle Life team for their favourite kitchen utensils (chocolate, red wine and gin aside).

1.The cheese slice

Cheese Slice

A must-have utensil for great cheese toasted sandwiches, the cheese slice stops your cheese block from ending up on the diagonal and keeps your slicing even sized. The bonus is that even cheese slices on your toasties mean less mess to clean up when you’re done. It’s clearly a necessity as it’s on the list of the essential items from Stevens!

2.Orange juicer

Orange Juicer

We’re right in the middle of citrus season. If you’re lucky enough to have an orange tree or have a friendly neighbour with excess fruit, you’ll be wanting one of these. Keep colds and flu at bay whilst keeping up your vitamin C with freshly squeezed juice. They also work for lemons and grapefruit, although you’ll need to quarter rather than just halve the fruit for larger specimens. Quick and easy to use and cheap to buy

3.Apple slicer

Apple Slicer

A definite necessity if you have young kids, and also on the Stevens essential items list! The apple slicer also cores the apple, making cutting up apples super easy and safe. No excuses for eating all the biscuits without eating fruit first with this one in your collection. It’s also handy for making apple pie as it keeps the slices even size.

4.Wooden Spurtles


The Scottish may not be especially well known for their gastronomic flare, but they know about porridge. The flat wooden spurtle developed in Scotland was originally used to stir porridge and prevent it from becoming lumpy. We find spurtles handy for stirring anything!

5.Onion/Vege chopper


If you want your onion and other vegetables chopped like a professional into small and even pieces but either a) onion makes you cry so much you’re in danger of cutting off your fingers, or b) you’re just not handy with a knife, or c) both, then this is the kitchen gadget for you. Pop in the onion and pound away. Done in seconds with no mess or tears and without losing a finger.

6.Julienne Peeler


Not to be mistaken for a regular peeler, this baby will julienne your carrots, zucchini, potatoes, radish, apples or zest your citrus like a charm. Making your stir-fries and salads not only quick but also super stylish.

7.Spill Stopper.

spill stopper

Moving away from the prep and into the cooking, our favourite cooking gadget is the spill stopper. Essential when you have lots of dishes on the go and are liable to forget one might boil over – generally the pasta – the silicone spill stopper lets the steam out but stops the spills. Genius.

If you’re super keen, some of these gadgets are listed as essential items and therefore can be purchased if you’re in level 4 lockdown. Even if you’re back to eating out, making home cooking easier is still attractive, right? And at Pinnacle Life, we like easy.

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