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Building Healthy Habits for Success

Building Healthy Habits for Success

It’s no secret that building healthy habits can lead to a multitude of benefits impacting your overall well-being. Studies consistently show that adopting a healthy lifestyle boosts productivity, decreases burnout, and contributes to overall career success*. Incorporating habits like getting enough sleep, consuming proper nutrition, and regular exercise builds foundational habits for success.

According to a global study conducted in 2020, 61% of individuals expressed a desire to transform their lifestyle for the better, with 31% already taking the steps towards living a healthier lifestyle**.

We’re not suggesting you need to run a marathon every week. Instead, it’s the accumulation of small habits that shape your path to success. Begin with minor changes and focus on maintaining consistency. Prioritise going to bed 30 minutes earlier, taking a 20-minute walk in your lunch break, and opting for home-cooked meals. Choosing to consistently show up and nurture these habits holds greater significance than attempting sporadic hour-long runs. Admiral William McRaven, a retired U.S. Navy admiral and former Navy SEAL, once noted in his inspirational speech that even the simple act of making your bed each morning can set a tone of accomplishment for the day. This concept underscores the idea that success is often built on consistent, positive routines.

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What habit are you going to focus on this week? Alternatively, are you aiming to break a bad habit? Regardless, this challenge propels you towards success. It’s said that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change***. It’s not meant to be easy to start or break a habit - but that adds value to the pursuit.

So, how exactly are healthy habits linked to life insurance? The link is surprisingly strong. Research provides compelling evidence that adopting a healthy lifestyle plays a pivotal role in preventing issues that lead to premature death and delay the onset of long-term conditions. It's a two-way street: the less healthy your lifestyle choices, the higher your risk of additional vulnerabilities or dying early, which impacts the cost of your life insurance. For instance, if you use tobacco or vaping products, your likelihood of a premature death increases, consequently leading to elevated premium costs. This correlation between risky behaviours and increased chances of early mortality directly impacts your insurance rates.

Let’s quickly examine the contrast in premium prices between smokers and non-smokers. In a previous blog, we highlighted Pinnacle Life as offering the most affordable life insurance for smokers. For instance, when comparing the premiums for a 40-year-old make seeking $500,00 coverage, the difference between a smoker and non-smoker is substantial - a monthly gap of $52.49. Similarly, women of the same profile face a difference of $37.39 per month for their coverage.

Comparison of premium prices for non-smokers and smokers by gender
Comparison of premium prices for non-smokers and smokers by gender

Realising the far-reaching impact of health habits, some life insurance companies have begun tracking their clients’ healthy habits through devices like Apple Watches. While this might seem extreme, it emphasises the impact of a healthy lifestyle on various aspects of your life, including your life insurance policy. By prioritising your well-being, you’re investing in a healthier future.

We’ve now explored that healthy habits extend beyond physical wellness. People who prioritise their health by engaging in regular exercise, maintaining balanced nutrition, and ensuring adequate sleep often experience lower healthcare costs, a decreased likelihood of critical illness, and a longer life expectancy. Similarly, making wise financial decisions such as having insurance cover establishes a safety net to protect against the unexpected as even the healthiest of lifestyles still face uncertainties.

Are you going to join the ranks of the 31% who have already embarked on their journey to a healthier lifestyle? By embracing healthy habits, you not only contribute to your well-being but also fortify your path to success. As you build these habits, you’ll find that the benefits ripple through various aspects of your life, from your physical health to your financial security.




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