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Making memories with your family and friends this Christmas

Making memories with your family and friends this Christmas

Christmas is only a few days away, and while it’s important to think about your loved one’s future financial security - it’s also important to enjoy spending time together!

So, with the silly season around the corner (it’s pretty much here already), here are a few things you could do to enjoy the moment with your friends and family to make lasting memories.

Christmas lights tour

  • Try it this Christmas, and maybe make it a new tradition, and hunt down the best Christmas lights in your area. Find a local street or done-up garden and take a walk around to find the best display in the lead-up to Christmas.

Family games night

  • A simple but fun way to spend an afternoon and evening with your family. Get a pack of cards, the latest board game or puzzle, or wait for dark and join the kids in running around with a spotlight.

Try (and cook) a new food together

  • Something that might be out of your comfort zone is trying a new food. This Christmas replace your Ham with something fun like a Turducken or add a new dessert to the menu, like a traditional British Christmas pudding instead of a Pavlova.

Family photos

  • I think we can all agree that time flies by, and it’s special to be able to look back on family memories. Having an annual family photo to look back on is an amazing way to capture the family fun. There are some funny ones here.

Community events

  • Around Christmas there are always things happening in the local community. Join in and support the cause no matter what it is. Whether it’s a local garden BYO dinner or helping out at a shelter nearby. It’s a good time to share and give back - and a great thing to do every year.

Stay safe this silly season - and remember to take time to make memories with your family and friends. This season is about spending time with your loved ones.

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