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What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance is an advance payment of life cover, paid out if you were to suffer an accident, illness or injury that resulted in your total and permanent disability. TPD insurance allows you to move forward with your life and account for any extra costs, including modifications to your home and care assistance.

What does disability insurance cover?

If you were to become permanently unable to work due to an illness, accident or injury, you may be eligible to receive a disability insurance lump-sum payment. It includes some conditions, such as loss of limbs, that fall outside of our Critical Illness cover. Take a look at our Total and Permanent Disability Definitions to see exactly what’s covered.

Do I need disability insurance?

It’s a good idea to consider adding disability insurance to your life cover with Pinnacle Life. In this way, you’ll be covered for sudden changes in circumstances that affect your ongoing ability to work and take care of yourself, and you'll avoid a financial burden for you and your family.

How much does disability insurance cost?

The cost of disability insurance varies depending on your individual circumstances, including things like your age, gender, your health, occupation and your chosen level of cover. It’s up to you to decide the level of disability insurance coverage you want, you can choose from anywhere between $100,000 up to $1 million.

What is trauma (or critical illness) insurance?

Trauma insurance covers you for specific medical conditions. Once diagnosed, you may be eligible to receive a tax-free, lump-sum payment that can be used in any way you like if your ailment is one of the 24 conditions covered by our policy. Help to fund your care or to look after your family members, trauma insurance is there to help you during difficult times. You can only buy it alongside life cover, you can’t buy it as a seperate policy.

What does trauma (critical illness) insurance cover?

There are 24 conditions covered by trauma insurance. You can find a list here of Pinnacle Life Critical Illness Definitions. Most common conditions are a cancer diagnosis, heart attack, or stroke.

How much trauma (critical illness) insurance do I need?

The amount of critical insurance cover you require is up to you. The maximum amount of cover you can have is up to $625,000. For help with understanding what you need, use our online tools to get a quote or more personalised advice check out our online advice tool.

Is trauma (critical illness) insurance worth it?

We think it’s good to be prepared when we don’t know what the future may hold. Trauma insurance takes care of the bigger unknowns by covering most major health conditions. By adding trauma cover alongside life insurance, know that you will be well-taken care of, no matter what.

Why do I need trauma (critical illness) cover?

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, this cover will pay you a tax-free lump sum. Some people use it to pay bills while they aren’t able to work, to help fund their treatment, or to get some extra help at home. It can help make your life easier while you are dealing with an illness.

Critical Illness covers you the first time you are diagnosed with any one of 24 different conditions.

If you've been with us for a while, you may have an older version of this policy, Serious Illness Cover. Serious Illness Cover protects you the first time you are diagnosed with one of four serious conditions. If you'd rather have Critical Illness cover, you'll need to apply.

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