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What does ownership mean?

The owner or owners are the people who can authorise changes to this policy like reducing the cover, changing the beneficiaries (if your policy has a beneficiary) or cancelling the policy. If there is more than one owner then all of the owners will need to agree to any changes.

The proceeds of a claim under a policy which only has an owner will only be paid to the owner or, if the owner is deceased, their estate. If there are two owners and one has died in most cases the proceeds of a claim will be paid to the surviving owner.

Can I make changes to my policy?

Yes you can make changes to your policy. We’ve got lots of details about making changes to your policies in our Customer Support Section. There you’ll find all the details around increasing and decreasing your cover, special event increases, changing the owner of your policy, making a claim and more.

Why do my premiums go up every year? Do they have to?

Premiums go up every year because they are calculated using age, gender, smoking status and health and lifestyle factors. They are calculated by an actuary who deals with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty.

On a statistical basis, the chance of a person dying at a certain age changes each year. When you are younger premiums can decrease each year as the chance of dying by accident reduces. Unfortunately, as you get older, the chance of dying increases, so premiums increase. The amount by which they increase varies from year to year.

We are happy to offer some alternatives if you'd rather pay a fixed premium

  • Life cover with premiums fixed for five or ten years, or
  • premiums that stay the same each year with a reducing sum insured for your life cover.

You can contact our office to discuss this.

What if I miss a payment?

Don't worry; we understand this can happen. If you

  • Miss one payment it might mean that you aren't covered for a month, but it won't cause your policy to lapse.
  • If you miss four payments within 24 months, then your policy will lapse, and you'll need to reapply.
  • If you miss your first payment, due within 14 days of taking out your policy, we'll be in touch letting you know we haven't received it and what this means for your cover.

I have a joint policy with my partner and we have separated. What happens to our policy?

You may wish to leave the policy as it is, which is fine. If you are joint owners of the policy then should you pass away, your ex-partner will be paid the proceeds of any claim on your life and vice versa. We may be able to help you split the policy into two individual policies, how this works will depend on the ownership structure of your policy. Contact the office to work through exactly what needs to happen for your policy.

What do I need to do to cancel my policy?

Depending on your policy, we’ll either need the owners to send us a signed request to cancel the policy, or send us an email with some security details. To find out which applies to your policy contact our Customer Services Team.

What if I forgot to declare something on my application?

You need to let us know as soon as possible. The additional information you provide may or may not affect your policy. Your policy may be placed on hold while we work through the assessment process, alternatively we may need to void your policy and issue you with a new policy once we have completed our assessment. If you are unsure whether you disclosed something on your application, please contact us and we will send you a copy of your application to review.

What if my income changes?

If you have income protection, we suggest you let us know when your income changes, so that you can change your level of cover accordingly. If you let us know within 60 days of your income increasing we can usually increase your cover without requiring any further medical information. We recommend you review your level of cover regularly, but particularly when you have significant changes to your income levels.

If I change jobs do I need to let you know?

With income protection, you don’t need to let us know if you have changed employment. However, if changing employment has changed your pre-tax income, contact us to ensure that your level of cover is appropriate for your new income levels.

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