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Disability Cover

This cover provides a lump sum payment to make life easier if you become totally and permanently disabled. Disability cover can be added to your existing life insurance policy.

Disability Cover

If you have total and permanent disability (TPD) cover with us we’ll pay a tax free lump sum to the owner of the policy if you become permanently unable to work or meet Total and Permanent Disability Definitions.pdf due to an accident or illness.

​Here’s the basics:

Getting a policy

  • You can add TPD cover as an early payment option to your life cover.
  • You can choose the amount that’s right for you, from $100,000 to $1 million
  • You have to be aged between 18 to 59 years and living in NZ, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong or Singapore.
  • Unless you’re switching your existing life insurance policy to us you’ll need to contact the office to add this cover to your policy.

Once your policy is in place

  • When life changes – you get married, divorced, take out a mortgage or become a parent, you may be able to increase your cover by up to 50% with no medical questions asked,
  • You can decrease your TPD cover or remove it from your life cover policy at any time without penalty.
  • Your payments will increase each year as you get older.
  • The cover expires when you turn 65.

When you need to claim on your policy

  • You will get a cash lump-sum payment of up to $1 million (depending on the cover amount you’ve selected). Once paid, your level of life cover will reduce by that amount
  • Your claim will be paid in New Zealand Dollars anywhere in the world, to the person who owns the policy.
  • Your policy will be reinsured by Hannover Life Re, one of the largest reinsurers of life insurance in the world

Total and Permanent Disability Definitions.pdf

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