Funeral Cover

Funeral Insurance pays cash to pay for your funeral so when the time comes your family will have one thing less to worry about.

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The average cost for a funeral is currently around $8,000 - $10,000 but can vary widely.*

Funeral Insurance provides an amount of cash (that you choose when you take out your policy) to pay for your funeral, or anything else your family needs. Once your beneficiary provides us with documentation we’ll pay the funds within 1 working day, so when the time comes your family will have one thing less to worry about.

*Citizens Advice Bureau Nov-18

The Basics

Getting a policy

  • From $10,000 to $25,000, you choose the amount that’s right for you and your family. If you need help to work out the amount that's right for you, try our calculators.
  • You won’t need to answer any questions about your health.
  • You have to be aged between 50 and 75 to get a policy, and be a New Zealand citizen, or have a valid NZ residency visa and be living in New Zealand.
  • If you apply online you’ll automatically get a 10% discount on your payments for the first 2 years.
  • You’ll save an additional 10% on your payments if you buy a joint policy. A joint policy covers both you and your partner and pays out on each death.
  • All of our policies have a 30 day free look period, so you can buy with confidence.

Once your policy is in place

  • Your payments will remain the same every year, without increasing (the online discount will drop off after the first two years).
  • You’ll only pay for this policy until aged 85, after which your cover continues free of charge until you die.
  • You can pay monthly, half yearly or annually by direct debit
  • If you have 2 or more Pinnacle Life policies paid by direct debit from one bank account, the second and subsequent policies will be discounted by $24 per year.
  • You can decrease your cover or cancel this policy at any time without penalty.

When you need to claim on your policy

  • For the first two years you’ll only be covered for accidental death, but after that you’ll be covered for any cause of death.
  • If you die in the first two years, and your death was not accidental but by some other cause, we’ll return all the payments to your chosen beneficiary.
  • Your claim will be paid in New Zealand Dollars within 24 hours of acceptance, to the beneficiary of your choice, anywhere in the world.
  • You and your family can organise the goodbye of your choice, we don’t tell you what to do with your payment so anything is possible.

What cover might I need?

Thinking about what life stage you’re at might help you get started if you’re stuck wondering what you need. Choose the option that best fits what you want to plan for, we’ll then let you know what other people planning for a similar future have asked for quotes on.


Can I get cover for my parent/partner?

Yes, they simply need to apply. Note that the person who is being insured must provide the answers to the health questions on the application form. When the policy is issued the insured person will also be the policy owner. If they want to change that, they will need to request an update using the 'change of ownership' form included in the policy.

How does someone claim?

Information about making a claim can be found here.

What if I have a health problem? / Why do you want to know all of my medical history?

We assess your health at the time of your application in order to ensure that the price you are charged reflects the risks associated with your health. This means there should be no hiccups or delays when it comes to claim time.

Having a health issue shouldn’t stop you from applying.

Your health conditions might affect your application, as depending on the condition, we may:

  • be able to accept your application at standard rates, or
  • we may ask you to pay a higher premium than the standard (called a loading), or
  • we may defer your application for up to 12 months.

If, after you’ve answered our questions, we need more details about your health we may ask for your permission to get notes from your doctor.

Still unsure?

Still unsure?

We can show you what insurance people planning for a similar future have asked about.

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